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Man and Space

We love design that breaks new ground.
Media design, stage design, concepts and visualizations are the strengths of Circus Of Now.
Our flexible team provides the possibility of efficient work, in which we can always draw from new sources.

Our clients: agencies, music producers, theater and direct customers.

Your advantage: For each job, we have the appropriate creative people from different fields.
Your plus: Our optimized cost structure makes the cooperation with Circus Of Now now even more attractive.

Rich in experience in all areas of events, exhibitions and shows, we guarantee the same high standards,
no matter if it concerns the implementation of small and medium-sized projects or the stage design for a worldtheater.

CIRCUS OF NOW is on the lookout for you to find the combination of technology, architecture and people.
Consider us as your think tank - a laboratory, a technical institute, a workshop of your visions.
Our experience of 15 years working in international projects of rank, as well as our network of specialized,
highly flexible partners lead to unmistakable results.

We realize your visions and make all the difference.

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